Men Using Women’s’ Restroom

Is America trying to just eliminate women all together? What is going on when Glamour magazine honors Caitlyn Jenner with the Woman of The Year award? Now Democrat presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton supports men who dress like women or who “feel” like a woman to be allowed to use women’s’ restrooms. Are there no boundaries anymore? At what point will women say,”Okay, that is far enough!” Not many women are fighting to use the mens’ restroom, mainly because they tend to be a tad filthy and smelly. But there is that one very big or medium size or teeny tiny element as to why women are not shouting discrimination for not being allowed to use the mens’ room – they do not have penises.


Many are struggling to understand equal rights for a man, who dresses like a woman, to be able to share a lady’s room with adult women and little girls. For the women who have dealt with rape or molestation, seeing a big burly man dressed in a Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress and Christian Louboutin red bottom heels, sounding like Barry White when he greets her could possibly be a disturbing sight when she comes out of her stall or quite alarming when he follows her into a ladies lavatory. How will a woman be able to differentiate between a man really wanting to be a woman or just a pervert dressed as a woman, peeping in on women he has been admiring from a far? Liberals who do not have any empathy or sensitivity to women who have been victims of sexual assault, believing victims just need to get over their neurosis for the sake of transgender pride, are fighting for equal rights of men to freely enter into an area that is very personal and private. Passing harsh judgment upon women against men who may or may not have a penis (who is gonna check?) using her public restroom is just as discriminatory as those who do not want men sharing the lady’s room. It all just screams liability to me and an attorney’s big payday.

I support a man’s right to transform into a woman and be free. I used to work with a transgender by the name of Cherie. She was absolutely gorgeous. Had it not been for office gossip and an inappropriate human resource generalist, I never in a million years would have suspected she was once a man. I was floored when the gossip landed in my cubicle. She was Latina with long beautiful black hair, tall, thin, and walked around the office as if she was a supermodel on a catwalk. I do not believe I ever saw Cherie wear the same outfit twice. She dressed like she just took out some title loans. She used the women’s restroom. I had no problem with it. To me…she was one of us. However, transgender or cross-dressers who have not mastered femininity, coming across very masculine under their lipstick and looking like Dennis Rodman or a football linebacker in heels, I do not feel comfortable standing next to them in the bathroom mirror while I adjust my breasts in my bra.

While Jenner is still confused as to whether she is a transgender who is into women without being a lesbian, many believe she should use the men’s room or use public facilities where only one person is allowed in the restroom. Though she looked fantastic on the cover of Vanity Fair with photo shop, she still sounds very much like a man and is attracted to women. I am still waiting for someone to send me a list of Jenner’s accomplishments as a woman that she was deserving of the title Woman of The Year. Compared to so many women we see daily who are taking care of their community, running big corporations in male dominated industries, risking their lives to speak to young women around the world forbidden to receive an education, raising children alone, and the list goes on, what has Jenner done to inspire women? How is she Woman of The Year? And now she wants to use the lady’s room.